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Via Campesina’s Position on Agro-Fuels

Dear Friends of the MST,
The MST recently returned from the African country of Mali. We went as part of a delegation of 12 representatives from Brazilian rural movements and environmentalist groups, joining more than 600 leaders from every continent on Earth. There we met with scientists, environmentalists, women’s movement activists, and members from a spectrum of other organizations, discussing the many questions raised by the goal of establishing food sufficiency for every country. This World Forum for Food Sovereignty allowed us to deepen the ongoing conversation about an important topic– the need for social movements around the world to prioritize the struggle to defend food production and food sovereignty for every nation. The struggle means a broad fight against the offensive that the forces of international capital have launched in rural areas, especially with regard to the control of agro-fuels. Why? An alliance has unified the interests of three great international capital sectors: a) oil companies; b) the transnational firms that control agricultural commerce and genetically-modified seeds; and c) automobile firms. The only goal is to maintain current patterns of consumption in the First World and high rates of profit for multinational corporations….

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Castro y biocombustibles

Solo tenemos esta noticia así. Si alguien ha visto el artículo, gracias por avisar!

La Habana, 29 mar (EFE).- El líder cubano, Fidel Castro, rompió hoy su silencio con un artículo en el diario oficial “Granma”, cuando se cumplen ocho meses de la cesión provisional del poder a su hermano Raúl, por una enfermedad mantenida como “secreto de Estado”. “Condenados a muerte prematura por hambre y sed más de 3.000 millones de personas en el mundo” es el título del artículo de Castro que aparecerá en la edición del jueves del órgano oficial del Partido Comunista de Cuba, adelantaron fuentes oficiales. En el texto, Castro, que en agosto cumplirá 81 años, no hace referencia a su estado de salud ni a temas de la política interna cubana, sino que se refiere al uso de combustibles alternativos y al cambio climático. El artículo aborda la estrategia de Washington para impulsar el uso de combustibles alternativos, como el etanol, y sus repercusiones para los países pobres. EFE

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Chinese biofuels expansion threatens ecological balance

Thursday, March 29, 2007
By Yingling Liu

The recent agreement between China’s top forestry authority and one of the nation’s biggest energy giants to develop biofuels plantations in the southwest reflects rising Chinese attention to non-fossil energy sources. But the excitement may come at great environmental loss to the region’s forests and biological diversity, suggesting significant trade offs associated with the renewable fuels…
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Abengoa plans bioethanol plant in England

Thursday, March 29, 2007

LONDON – Energy and engineering group Abengoa (ABG.MC) said on Wednesday it has applied for planning permission to build a bioethanol plant in north-east England with a capacity of about 400,000 tonnes a year….
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Massive diversion of U.S. grain to fuel cars is raising world food prices

March 21, 2007 – 3
Lester R. Brown

If you think you are spending more each week at the supermarket, you may be right. The escalating share of the U.S. grain harvest going to ethanol distilleries is driving up food prices worldwide. Corn prices have doubled over the last year, wheat futures are trading at their highest level in 10 years, and rice prices are rising too. In addition, soybean futures have risen by half. A Bloomberg analysis notes that the soaring use of corn as the feedstock for fuel ethanol “is creating unintended consequences throughout the global food chain.”…
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Agricultura impulsa los cultivos energéticos en Extremadura mediante acuerdos con empresas de bioetanol y biodiesel

Mérida, 22 mar (Europa Press).- El consejero de Agricultura de la Junta de Extremadura, José Luis Quintana, y los representantes de Acopaex Sociedad Cooperativa y Bioenergética Extremeña S.L., Domingo Fernández y Diego Bigeriego, respectivamente, firmaron hoy un convenio para la producción de cultivos bioenergéticos y el impulso la obtención de biodiesel y bioetanol.

Al respecto, el consejero aseguró en rueda de prensa que la firma del convenio será ‘importante’ para toda la región extremeña, ya que servirá para fomentar el tejido empresarial de las producciones agroenergéticas.

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Ethanol’s growing list of enemies

Thursday, March 22, 2007
By Moira Herbst

Paul Hitch has spent his entire life raising cattle and hogs on a stretch of the Oklahoma panhandle he says is “flat as a billiard table.” His great-grandfather started the ranch in 1884, before Oklahoma was a state, and now Hitch, 63, is preparing to pass the family business on to his two sons….
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